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  Client Testimonials

All praises to the Chef! Just having dinner and everyone gushing over the food.
Excellent as usual! Cheers to Wendy. Cheers to OCC!

Nacho & Marites Arnaiz, December 2006


Everyone is raving about the food and table arrangement. Dave our American guest said that this was the
first classy and yummy barbeque he has ever been to! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

Christine Saldivar, December 2006


Good Morning! I wanted to say thank you for the impressive dinner.
1) Prompt    2) Great food with heater (right! Food is NEVER good served cold)
3) BEAUTIFUL table setting    4) Waiters were very attentive and tidy.
Thank you so much!

Lulu Tan Gan, January 2007


I cant thank you ladies enough for a truly fabulous evening. The food was excellent, the set-up was beautiful,
the service was great. I was so proud to give you credit for everything. Though I had no doubt that it would
turn out well, it was much more than I imagined! Well done and thanks for making it super special for us.

Marites Arnaiz, March 2007


Oh my gosh...we nearly fainted from joy when we tasted your croquetas. We look forward to running through every single
item on your food order list, and please be sure to save a catering date for us during the Christmas season -
plus our birthdays in February and March next year! We're so happy to have discovered you!
Chinie and Manuel Diaz, September 2007


“Thanks for the great food and set-up..
highly recommendable to my relatives and friends.
Special thanks too to Chef Gwendolyn!”
Myla Rosales, July 2008 


“ Just wanted you to know that we’re very satisfied in getting you to cater our event.
Our guests loved the food! And we’re very happy with your staff – very alert and attentive to guests’ needs”.
Mandy Camillon, July 2008


“We’re truly happy about how the event turned out.
The guests enjoyed the food, nice ambiance… verycozy and elegant.
Infact my husband just told me that his friends complimented him about the food
and he told them that the catering was done by OCC.
Thanks too we had a great time last night and we look forward to your next catering service with us.”
Norma Agojo, December 2008


“Thank you for making ZOE’s party extra special and for accommodating all my requests
Food was great! Please send our thanks to all your wonderful staff as well”…
Love Sasoy, January 2009